Flyer Balou
In the small street behind the Escape is the monumental façade of Balou unobtrusive presence..
Chat with locals or friends, meet other visitors..all possible in Coffeeshop Balou!
The artful design of Balou -since the beginning (1985)-  is pleasing to look at.
Smokes, coffee and a nice piece of space cake, fresh and other sweet snacks are available.


Coffeeshop Balou
Balou is one of the oldest coffee shops in Amsterdam, since 1985.

In an authentic atmosphere reminiscent of the shops from the 80, Balou delicious herb, coffee and space-cake, soft drinks and other refreshments.

We also sell accessories and seeds. We are open daily from 09:00 in the morning until 01 o’clock at night. There is free use of Wi-Fi.


See you @CoffeeShopBalou!  
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  • Free WiFi!
  • Pay per creditcard!
  • Delicious space-cake
  • Relaxed Music!
  • Attractive interior!!
  • Wheelchair accessible!

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